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Banking to the Power of SAP

Ready to implement a new SAP module or get the most out of your existing ones?

Decision Tree Consulting has been building robust, scalable applications for over a decade.

We match companies with the right solutions to solve real-world business problems. Our passion is combining your ideas with the best technology and approaches to deliver results that move the needle.

We bring an unshakeable commitment to quality into every project we engage regardless of its size.

Patrick Kuehn

Technology Consultant, Decision Tree Consulting


We have decades of experience building world-class, robust, scalable public and private web-applications, both in-house and in the cloud. We also know that success is achieved in hundreds to millions of successful user experiences, one at a time. We bring an unshakeable commitment to quality into every project we engage regardless of its size. We focus on making every single customer interaction a satisfying one. Our consultants will model your business processes to understand where the bottlenecks are, document your requirements in detail, and design and develop a solution that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Problem Solvers

Complex problems aren’t only for big companies or big projects. If it is keeping you from getting things done, we’re all over it. We excel at figuring out tricky logic, leveraging the applications you already have and integrating hardware and components to come up with the best solution for your users and customers. From payment processing to video integration to kiosks to ERP’s and third party platforms, we’ve probably seen it before, and if not, we’ll learn it. After all, it’s what we problem-solvers do every day.

Cost Effective

We get things done faster because we’re not starting from scratch. We have developed our own proprietary suite of robust frameworks and pluggable components that form the foundation of our development efforts. These tools help us deliver rock-solid, on-time, on-budget, on-spec solutions that save you money up front and over the entire lifecycle of the application.

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