Third Party Software Integration

“At DTC, Our Third Party Integration API provides you seamless connections between your integrated softwares so that you just focus on your business to grow ”

Real time access to 3rd party system

We have deep understanding of integration of different applications whether it can be payment processing to enable consumers to pay via ecommerce or sophisticated software & tools to be integrated in your existing business process.

Our third party application integration services provide easy real-time access to other 3rd party systems for processes such as e-commerce, flight or hotel reservation, order tracking that seamlessly integrate with your system.

Integrate Multiple Systems

Decision Tree Consulting has helped businesses integrate their multiple systems ranging from Active Directory to inventory system to third party CRM system to manage customers. DTC continous innovations in 3rd party API enable seamlessly integrates with third party calendars, CRM systems, ERP systems, websites, web conferencing services and more. 

DTC provides excellent efforts which helps to estimate the risk in integration and provide the best mitigation plan as path forward. DTC delivers various services/support, including Automation, Performance and Security, to accelerate delivery, drive high efficiency and improve quality across the application lifecycle.

One Team Structure

DTC team is committed to deliver quality results by using industry-aligned processes, tools, frameworks and reusable components leveraging extensive experience of serving clients from different Industries.

DTC team works on ‘One Team Approach’ by daily team collaboration. We are highly experienced in DTC fills right skill people for the work. DTC team focuses on continuous innovation while achieving higher productivity. A Proactive team which try new things.

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