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We think differently about testing – a more innovative and holistic approach to benefit you.

Quality Assurance Challenges

Rising complexity, growing dependency on application and optimizing total Quality Assurance efforts. 

Today’s business world is increasingly high-velocity and software-driven. The proliferation of digital technologies—social, mobile, analytics, cloud and the Internet of Things— is pushing every company to rethink and reinvent its approach to testing. The ability to roll out business capabilities and high quality applications continuously, deliver a seamless customer experience and protect the brand will be the difference between businesses that evolve and ones that stagnate. Rising complexity, growing dependency on application and optimizing total testing efforts.

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Decision Tree Consulting Quality Assurance Services

DTC has helped businesses set their testing strategy, deliver efficiently and evolve through innovation. DTC offers the complete range of testing services delivered under flexible business arrangements— from traditional pricing model options to innovative output or unified test points-based commercial models.

DTC introduces engineering innovations with Agile to enable continuous testing with beneficiary strategies to deliver an exceptional end-customer experience. Improve the product quality of the delivered data and conduct application analysis and narrowed down to scenarios to reduce the execution efforts and redundancy.

DTC provides excellent efforts which helps to estimate the risk and provide the best mitigation plan as path forward. DTC delivers various services/support, including Automation, Performance and Security, to accelerate delivery, drive high efficiency and improve quality across the application lifecycle.

One Team Structure

DTC QA team is committed to deliver quality results by using industry-aligned processes, tools, frameworks and reusable components leveraging extensive experience of serving clients from different Industries.

DTC QA team works on ‘One Team Approach’ by daily team collaboration. We are highly experienced in Manual and Automation Testing. DTC fills right testing skill people for the work. DTC team focuses on continuous innovation while achieving higher productivity. A Proactive team which always try to do new things.

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